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How to choose a perfect leotard

Rhythmic gymnastics is a difficult and technical sport which requires the participants to concentrate and work hard to get good results. And it's important that gymnasts dress in the correct leotard for the performance and that the equipment is appropriate. The International Gymnastics Federation has guidelines concerning the gymnasts’ attire and apparatus specifications to ensure the safety during the training and performance.

About our leotards

Rhythmic gymnastics leotards are the result of our specialists’ work. All our friendly staff participates in the custom leotard creation process. We use large variety of colors and high quality fabrics from Italy in our manufacturing. Leotards glued with Swarovski and Radiance crystals, give charming magnificenceto the rhythmic gymnastics costumes.

Shared order is cheaper

You should understand that it is meaningless to buy 1 pair of gym shoes when shipping costs are 10 times higher. The best variant is to order a leotard and some associated goods.

And we also recommend you placing a shared order...

Rhythmic Gymnastics Vkontakte rules!

All the above mentioned advantages of Vkontakte make our Rhythmic Gymnastics Community rich, active and popular! The latest rhythmic gymnastics news, great amount of famous gymnasts’ photos, videos, polls, discussions and tracks for rhythmic gymnastics routine and exercises! 

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
Stitches quality

All stitching is performed on industrial machinery. Triple quality control

Body measurements for a perfect fit are easy to make using our video guide